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Brand Identity Designers know that having a great brand identity helps companies evoke the perception they need.

Being perceived in the right way through brand identity and logo design is very important in gaining the loyalty and trust of new customers, which ultimately leads to more sales.

A brand identity is to a business what its stripes are to a zebra.

Good entrepreneurs know the value that design can have on their brands. Whereas it used to be more common for designers to meet with intermediaries, it is now more often for the designer to be an integral part of the boardroom.

diseño de papelería corporativa_Deerlogistiks que es la identidad de marca
Papelería corporativa que desarrollé para Deerlogistiks

A strong brand identity does not happen overnight.

You can’t just pick a few colors and randomly and create a logo.

You must approach your design strategically to build an identity that truly reflects your brand and becomes that set of elements that helps keep your business firmly in the minds of potential customers and clients.

Mass advertising can help build a brand, but Its identity will be what will allow people to remember it and choose it over time.

que es la identidad de marca Business Stationery Design Service_Brand Identity Design_OliverPuente_Dios_dePactosmusicpro
Diseño de Identidad de Marca que realicé para "Dios De Pactos Music Pro".

What is a brand?

A brand is the combination of tangible and intangible attributes that generate a perception about a group of individuals with respect to a product, service or organization. The brand is the most important asset of a company over time.

What is a brand
Visual representation of what a brand is

In other words...

A brand is not just a logo, nor an identity, nor a product, a brand is the intuition, perception or also called “gut feeling” that a person has about a product, service or organization.

The brand is a set of a “whole” being composed of elements such as: brand identity, logo, strategy, etc. This is because brands are defined by individuals, based on the efforts made by the company.

The brand allows to differentiate a product or service in the market and generate a perception or a perceived value in the mind of those who buy it. Thus, making a brand the best possible investment for the modern company.

Brand identity

According to Asale, (s. f.-a) Identity is the set of traits of an individual or a community that characterize them compared to others. Following this logic, we can define brand identity as a tangible set of brand elements that appeal to the senses and are characterized by having their own traits compared to other brands.

Brand identity appeals to the senses. You can see it, touch it, hold it, hear it and watch it move around. Brand identity is commonly developed by brand identity designers.

what is brand identity

The visual identity of a brand

The visual identity of a brand is all about the set of notable elements that, due to some singularity, attract the attention of the human eye to generate a visual differential.

They are characterized by sharing the quality of being the visible elements of the brand. In a nutshell, the visual identity of a brand is the visible aspect of it.

The visual identity of a brand
The visual identity of a brand representation (Oliver Puente)

The visual brand identity is made up of many visual elements such as:

  • A logo (the identifying symbol of the entire identity and brand)
  • Stationery (Letterhead, business cards, etc.)
  • Marketing collateral (brochures, websites, etc.)
  • Products and Packaging (Cover, packaging dies, textures, etc.)

What is a good brand identity?

According to the author and designer of the book “Creating a Brand Identity: A Guide for Designers” Slade-Brooking (2016) brand identity is “a unique set of designed elements that identify the brand and express the brand promise, including the name, type, logo/symbols, icons and colors”.

In the words of the great Airey, D. (2019) “A visual identity is to business what faces are to people, and while it was once relatively simple to create different brands for competing businesses, the advance of capitalism has challenged designers to create distinction in highly saturated world markets.”

The Spanish design studio “Brandward” also gives us an excellent approach to what a visual brand identity is Falcó, C. P. (2021, August 23) defines that “Visual Brand Identity corresponds to the graphic part , must synthesize and faithfully represent the essence and emotions of the brand, leaving an impression that prevails in people’s minds.

Another of the greatest exponents in branding, Marty Neumeier defines brand identity as “the external expression of a brand, including its trademark, name, communications and visual appearance”.

que es la identidad de marcaEjemplo Identidad de marca
Ejemplo de identidad de marca en el que trabajé - ASTA

Key points

  1. Identity is the set of traits of an individual or a community that characterize them compared to others.
  2. Brand identity is a unique set of designed elements that identify the brand.
  3. The visual identity of the brand corresponds to the graphic part, it must synthesize and faithfully represent the essence and emotions of the brand.

What is visual brand identity design?

The brand visual identity design is a process by which we create the visual identity of the brand, that is, all the visual elements that identify a brand, elements such as its logo, color palette, fonts, illustrations, etc.

This process also contemplates the definition of other aspects such as brand personality, archetypes, tone and voice of the brand, although these are attributed more to the entire process of creating brand identity than to its visual section.

Why is brand identity design important?

Brand identity design is important because people too often choose products and services based on their perceived value rather than their actual value.

It is there when the brand identity design plays a very important role in generating a perception in the mind of your potential client.

Easier for customers to identify and trust the brand.

Brand identity design makes it easy for customers to identify and trust the brand.

Brand identity design builds customer trust and loyalty and enables companies to enhance their brands with identities that support healthy brand positioning.

A strong and well-established brand is accompanied by a solid brand identity that attracts consumers and allows them to feel comfortable choosing the company as the ideal option to buy.

What do brand identity designers do?

Brand identity designers also called “Brand Designers” are in charge of carrying out the brand identity development process.

This group of professionals uses creative strategies to define and create the visual elements of the brand such as: logo, color palette, fonts, illustrations, images etc.

Brand Identity Designers allows the brand to create a “Look and feel” that generates the visual perception that the company wants, to meet their business goals.

Why hire a brand identity designer for my business?

Brand identity design. Who needs it? Probably all existing companies.

You may be a company with many years of experience or a small startup with very big dreams.

Investing in good design is investing wisely. That is why hiring a brand identity designer is an excellent investment to improve the most important intangible asset of your company, the brand.

que es la identidad de marca Diseño de Identidad de Marca - Escuela
Rediseño de Identidad de Marca - Colegio Particular Mixto Santa Ana (Oliver Puente)

Translating words into visual elements

A brand designer or brand identity designer takes the history of your company, its characteristics, differential attributes, what you want customers to feel when they interact with your brand and how you want your company to be perceived, to create an identity that resonates with your customers and translates it into the world of visuals and graphic elements.

Brand Identity designers typically apply design in an intelligent, creative and experienced way.

While you concentrate on doing what you know how to do best. Doing business and making money. Hiring a brand identity designer brings you benefits such as:

que es la identidad de marca Brand Identity CCDATOS
Brand Identity Design CCDATOS (Oliver Puente)

Benefits of Hiring a Brand Identity Designer:

It makes your brand more attractive.

A brand identity designer can create a brand that attracts and retains the eyes of your potential customers with impressive graphic aspects that make them lean towards buying your brand instead of the brand of your competitors.

Improve the first impression customers have of you.

First impressions matter. If the first impression that potential clients have of your company is careless, unprofessional, scattered or inconsistent, their business will be affected.

A brand identity designer can ensure that all aspects of your brand’s visual identity are consistent. That consistency builds trust among potential customers and clients.

Makes you look established and professional

No need to wait ages for a professional looking brand identity, you can get one in a matter of weeks with a brand identity designer who will help you create a professional looking brand identity and make it easy for your potential clients to trust you.

It makes your company memorable and recognizable among others competitors.

The brand identity designer can generate a brand identity so original, different and unique that it will be positively remembered by your potential clients, allowing you to stand out from the competition in a winning way.

Brand identity designers are experts at creating visual brand identities that are memorable, distinguishable, and identifiable.

It will save you time and effort.

Do you want to spend all your time designing your logo and marketing graphics when you could be using that same time and energy to generate income? If the answer is “NO” then a brand identity designer is ideal for you.

A Brand Identity Designer will help you save time designing while you focus on doing what you really love.

You could certainly spend all night designing a logo in Canva and choosing fonts or colors to create something that looks “right”.

However, a brand identity designer can do the same amount of work much faster, with better tools and better results that do make the difference between pre-made templates and professional brand identity design.

As a brand identity designer and logo specialist I want to help you achieve the brand identity that you need in order to acomplish your goals.

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